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About MyPersonalTrainer

It all started with an individual, Fitness & Wellness Expert – Ronald Abvajee.

He had a dream of making the Mobile Personal Training/In-Home Fitness Industry more professional, accountable, integral and systematic. Ronald created MyPersonalTrainer for the large growing demand for alternatives to the Gym. He realized that people were time-starved and instead of giving up on fitness altogether, why not bring the workout to them?

Ronald started with his own solution to drive from home to. This allowed him to help customers achieve their fitness goals with In Home Personal Training one client at a time, one fitness goal at a time.

What Mr.Abvajee found was that he could not be everywhere for everyone. There was only 24hrs in a day and he needed to sleep at least six. So he sought a solution. Why not have amazing trainers who are better than he is, train all new clients throughout South Africa.

MyPersonalTrainer now provides personalised fitness services, for those who want to train with a trainer, to those who want to train in a group, to those who just want an exercise or eating plan...