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Research shows that people who write down their goals are 75% more likely to achieve them. true - living a healthy, fit lifestyle takes discipline and hard work, but setting up yourself for success starts with jotting down your goals and making a realistic plan for achieving them.

Introducing MyFitJournal

- the personalized, flexible and functional line of fitness + nutrition journals that offer a unique 8-week system to plan for success, track your progress, and reach your goals.

Proof is in the numbers - MyFitJournal works:

75% of MyFitJournal users surveyed have lost weight while using the MyFitJournal: 43% lost 1-3 kg, 17% lost 4-7kg , and 15% lost more than 8kg.

40% of MyFitJournal users lost body fat while using the MyFitJournal.

81% of MyFitJournalers surveyed said that MyFitJournal was effective helping them reach their health goals.

Want more proof?

In one of the largest weight loss studies to date, kaiser permanente asked nearly 1700 participants to eat healthy and exercise.

Nearly 2/3 of participants lost 7kg over the 6-month period, however those who used a diet tracker and fitness journal lost an average of 13kg – almost double the amount of the non-journalers.

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MyFitKit is your anytime, anywhere fitness solution

My FitKit has all the tools for a total body workout. Coupled with a months access to MyVirtual Trainer you will be able to have access to over 200 moves developed just for you.

Get a total body workout with your very own MyFitKit.

Its equipped with the fundamental fitness equipment to make any environment your gym, and help you shape and tone your upper and lower body.

MyFitKit offers unlimited exercise combinations to get the body results you want.

MyFitKit includes the following:
  • Body and Lifestyle Assessment
  • MyVirtualTrainer membership for a month
  • Exercise plan
  • Eating Plan