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MyPersonalTrainer has nutrition and fitness solutions to suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. Select your service and let’s get you started on the journey to achieve your body goals.


Everything You Need For the Body You want – from a Trainer You’ll Love

MyVirtualTrainer offers you an exclusive formula that ensures your personal success. You get:

  • real LIVE trainer YOU select with daily emails for 1:1 guidance + added accountability
  • MyVirtualTrainer assessment
  • workout plan based on your goals
  • nutrition plan based your goals
  • If you sign up for 8 weeks you will get a FitJournal Free

MyVirtualTrainer is all you need to achieve your weight and body goals!

An Expert Trainer Focused on YOU

A certified trainer is the expert who will make your plan and the friend who will make sure you use it. The Trainer will always be there to plan with you, and there to keep you honest, motivated and on track.

The Perfect Plan That is Perfectly You

Achieve your body, fitness, health and lifestyle goals requires a total system. That’s us. No Guess, no stress, nothing to figure out. Just a practical and complete exercise and meal plan for you.

Total Solution

Why stress trying to make your life fit your plan? With MyVirtualTrainer personalized is all about you. Get a plan as dynamic as what you are, updated often. Your personal plan is always in sync with your real life.

A real Trainer You Can Really Afford

A real trainer, a real plan and so much more. At a price that will surprise your at it’s affordability.

Personal Training

We are an on site fitness service that helps time-starved or perhaps shy individuals get workouts delivered straight to their house.


No matter the space and no matter your fitness level, we can help! We will train you in your home, in the outdoors or even at your office. Don't worry, if you have no equipment – we will being it.

Your fitness sessions can be 30 minutes or 50 minutes, as an individual or as a group. Many of our clients initially start by themselves and then oddly enough, friends and family members become involved. Fitness is contagious. Our agreements with clients are a minimum 3 months.

Our team train clients as early as 5am into the evening, and we even come on weekends to get your butt into shape.

The MyPersonalTrainer process is really simple. We assess your fitness level, take your measurements and recommend a programme that will work for you.

What’s the MyPersonalTrainer advantage:

Our Programmes are fun, personalized and proven to ensure YOU the client achieves the greatest results possible in the least amount of time, in a safe but fun manner.

Book a trainer today, choose from one of our 30 or 50 minute sessions:

Fitness and Nutrition Plans

Have a tailored exercise and nutrition plan designed for you. This will be a plan tailored to your needs and goals, put together by experts in exercise and nutrition to ensure you meet your goals.

What are you looking for?

Here you can choose from two plans:

Group Personal Training Outdoors

Prefer the outdoors? We have tailor made packages for you to choose from!

At MyPersonalTrainer we know visiting a gym can often be intimidating and leave you feeling less than motivated to achieve your fitness goals. So we've done away with the crowded spaces, uninspiring equipment and overbearing instructors.

Instead, you'll find us in some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces this country has to offer where working out with your family and friends is encouraged, and your trainer becomes your personal fitness champion!

Our team is passionate about and dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be. Through our eight unique Group Outdoor Personal Training programs, we cater to all abilities and will help you pick the mix that's best suited to your needs.

Whilst you'll have a regular fitness plan, we guarantee that the biggest changes will reflect in whatever you do outside of this. Everything will feel more enjoyable and satisfying, because happiness comes from health, not wealth, and taking good care of yourself is one of the soundest investments you will ever make.


  • Bronze

    1 class per week or 4 classes per month

  • Silver

    2 classes per week or 8 classes per month

  • Gold

    3 classes per week or 12 classes per month

  • Platinum

    5 classes per week or 20 classes per month


Book a Health Coaching Session with Ronald Abvajee

Changing behaviors, especially bad ones, can be challenging. That's where a health coach can help.

How does it work?

Our health coaching program is not a one size fits all approach. Ronald Abvajee, one of South Africa's leading experts on fitness and wellness, works with each individual to identify goals and barriers, providing education and support throughout the process.

Ronald supplements his consultations with emails, text messages, online content and print resources plus follow-up activities, worksheets and ongoing health education related to specific risks.

Interaction between sessions is the key to the success of the program. It helps participants take small steps toward personal success while staying engaged and working toward their goals.

The goals of our health coaching program include:
  • Increasing confidence so individuals can make positive changes
  • Helping individuals turn healthy habits into a lifestyle
  • Identifying an action plan to achieve goals